The World of Tanari

LOS ANGELES July 2, 2015 -- Tanari Jewelry has been selected for the 2015 Los Angeles Award in the Jewelry Designer category by the Los Angeles Award Program.


The most rare of all natural gemstones.

Photo Credit: Jim H.


The Earth gives us so much. It is the essence of life and without its many offerings we would not be able to survive. Let’s return the favor.

Join us in taking part in the April Showers Challenge! For the entire month of April, let’s make a pledge to turn OFF the water while showering! Here’s how:

Fun and amazing facts about diamonds; the most celebrated gemstones on Earth.

April Birthstone | Diamond

So Much Happening Today; The Earth “Literally Can’t Even…”

Are you feeling the push and pull of head and heart lately? This might explain it…

What is Aquamarine?

On February 20th, Venus and Mars will bunch together with the moon after sunset. If you’re in a location with visibility, this should be a really spectacular site. No binoculars needed, these planets will be visible to the naked eye.