Our Company


We are a purveyor of fine jewelry with mindful interpretations of strength, wisdom, and beauty. Our unique collections consist of exclusive, precious, powerfully organic gems and metals. Each piece is designed with intention and made with superior quality craftsmanship.

Naturally beautiful precious gemstones are repositories of positive energy that radiate throughout our whole being. From the beginning of history, gemstones have been used in medicine to promote health and well-being. Metaphysically, their strong magnetic properties and vibrations promote harmony and balance, heal, and optimize our minds.

All of us at Tanari are passionately driven to provide exceptional service and uncompromised quality. The origins of our creations inspire us to be simple, smart, and honest.

We’re so happy that you’ve found your way here! Please let us know how we can be of service and how we can improve your Tanari experience.

Our vision for Tanari is to originate beautiful uniquely inspired creations that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Our Story

Friends recessed on a hot afternoon in the high desert. Over thirty years of jewelry industry experience aligned with a passion to create a mindful and conscious organization. An idea sparked and soon the room was lit up with the birth of Tanari. It was mid-Spring. The moon was new and visibility was perfect for the Lyrids meteor showers. The path was illuminated and there has been no turning back.

Our Founders

Danny Massare, Founder & Managing Partner, Tanari Jewelry

  • Danny Massare

    Born and raised in a small town in northeast Ohio. Danny is a graduate of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. He is an avid music fan, photographer, and outdoorsman.

  • Joey Goott

    Born and raised in a small town in central Montana. Joey has traveled the world many times over in his illustrious career in the jewelry industry. He is blessed with a beautiful wife, children, and dog.

  • Ari Goott

    Born and raised in a suburb of Salt Lake City. Ari is an art enthusiast and a minimalist. His favorite quote is, “All I know is that I know nothing.”